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Conga AI Analyze Setup

Conga AI Analyze Setup

Easily setup and use Conga AI Analyze on day one. There is no user installation required for Conga AI Analyze. Once purchased, Conga administers and provisions a new AI Analyze environment to the designated system admin. 

The AI Analyze admin receives an initial email with a username (the email address that the initial email is sent to) and a temporary password, prompting them to login to new AI Analyze environment. Once logged in, the admin is required to set a new password for future login.

The admin can create additional Conga AI Analyze users for their environment. Each new user receives the initial email with a temporary password. Users must choose a new password upon their first login. After a new password is set, users can begin using Conga AI Analyze. 

It is recommended to follow the setup actions below sequentially to maximize Conga AI Analyze results:

  1. Identify the different Contract types that users will analyze.
  2. Use the Blueprint Designer to create corresponding Blueprints for each Contract type.
  3. Use the Contract Analyzer to analyze sample Contracts documents with Blueprints.
    • Confirm that Clause and Field criteria (Rules) are correctly matching Clause and Field data in the Contract document.
    • Verify or correct the Contract Analyzer's Clause and Field identification for each Contract document. This allows the machine learning portion of the Contract Analyzer to learn and customize itself to your organization's Contract. In turn, each Contract analysis more accurately identifies Clauses and Fields specified in a Blueprint. 
    • For information on Clause and Field criteria best practices, see Conga AI Analyze Best Practices