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Conga Support

Limiting View Privacy Choices for Users

You can limit which View Privacy choices are available to Standard Users.

To limit which Privacy options your users have when saving a view, create a new record type for the Conga Grid View object:

  1. Navigate to Setup -> Create -> Objects -> Conga Grid View.
  2. On the Record Types Section and click New.
  3. Enter a Record Type Label and Description. The Name label is filled automatically.
  4. Choose the Profiles that you want to set a privacy limit:

    Filled Out Record Type Page
  5. Click Next and Save.

On the resulting page, click the Edit link next to the Privacy pick list option.

Picklists Available for Editing - Privacy

Select Public and Public Read Only, then remove them from the Selected Values area. Click Save.

Privacies Removed from Selected Values Section

The profiles where you selected to have your new Record Type as the default should see the Private option only when you save views.