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Request Actions

The Grid Request Action is designed to help users make and track requests for data updates by guiding them through a simple request process:

  1. A requester asks a user for a change to be made to a field.
  2. A Chatter mention goes out letting the user know that a change has been requested and a reminder icon is placed on the field that needs updating.
  3. A user makes a change on the requested field and a follow-up chatter is automatically sent to both parties letting them know that an update has been made.

This process closes the gaps that can occur with traditional request processes, keeping your data clean and up to date.

For a video on this feature, see How to Use the Request Action Feature in Grid.

Request Action Usage

You can request actions for a field on a grid to notify a user that action needs to be taken on their data. The user who made a request and the notified party see an icon on the requested field and activity in their Salesforce Chatter window.

To request actions on fields in a grid:

  1. Select a record or multiple records. Right-mouse click on the field you would like to make a request for, then Batch Add > Request Action. The Request Action window appears. 
  2. In the Request Action From field, add the names of the users or groups you would like to request changes from.
  3. In the Additional Comments field, add any additional notes about what you would like the users to update.

 Request Action limits the number of users in the Request Action From field to 25 and the number of @mentions in the Additional Comments field to 25.

Once a request is made, it can be completed two ways:

  1. A user can update the marked field on a grid or within Salesforce
  2. The requester can cancel the request under the Actions Menu Batch Edit > Cancel Request

If a user updates the marked field on the grid, a confirmation chatter post will be automatically created and sent out to both the requester and any of the users added to the Request Action From field letting them know that a change has taken place.

A change made by a user on a page layout will still send an automatic chatter, though it may be delayed. A scheduled job checks for changes every hour.

 If you would like to cancel the scheduled job or force the job to run, this can be done in Grid Setup by going to Global Defaults > Global Setup > Request Action Monitor.


  • Request Actions are not intended to work with un-editable fields such as Lookups, Formula Fields or Auto Number Fields

Other Considerations

If you would like to request an action from a group, you must configure Grid to receive email notifications for the group. You will not receive a notification to the group chat like you do when you use a direct @mention.  

To configure Grid to receive email notifications for the group on every post:

  1. From you org home screen, select Salesforce Chatter from the drop-down menu on the top-right of the window.
  2. Click the Groups tab.
  3. Click any group where you are a member. Select Email Daily Digest or Email on Every Post depending on your preference. If you select Email on Every Post, you see the email anytime someone @mentions that group.

As the creator of the request in Chatter, you won't receive @mention email notifications to yourself or the group where you are a member.

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