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Conga Support

Configuration Tips

See the following sections:

Default Columns for Standard and Custom Objects

For standard objects, find a field set named CRMC_Action_Grid_Defaults under the object in question. You can manipulate this field set to meet your company needs.

For custom objects, create a new field set under the object in question titled CRMC_Action_Grid_Defaults. Add the default fields you want end users to see. When they load the Conga Grid℠ for that object, they will see the columns defined in that field set. They can always redefine their fields and save views to meet their personal preferences.

Enable Features for Related Lists and Visualforce Pages

Follow these steps to enable or disable features of a Conga Grid related list or Visualforce page:

  1. In Salesforce®, click Setup.
  2. Click Develop and click Visualforce Pages.
  3. Click the Edit link next to the Visualforce page.
  4. Click the Visualforce Markup tab.
  5. In the Grid ObjectName section of code, change the various features to true or false. If the value is true, the feature will be enabled.

  6. Click Save.

Name Visualforce Pages

We recommend using a prefix of "AG" when naming and labeling Visualforce pages for use with Conga Grid. This helps discern which pages are related to Conga Grid, and it helps them visually stand out to end users.