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Convert Salesforce Apps to Conga Grid (Beta)

Use the New Conga Grid App Page (beta) tool to convert a selected Salesforce® app to a Conga Grid view. This tool provides the following options:

  • Convert list views from a selected Salesforce app into separate Conga Grid views.
  • Create a Visualforce page with tabs that match objects in the app.

This is a beta feature that is still in development. Please be aware that some issues may exist and that we cannot currently offer technical support.

This is a standalone tool that requires you to manually select various options. Consider using the Import from Existing Salesforce Quick Start option for a more automated solution.

Follow these steps:

  1. Click Conga Grid Setup.
  2. Select Global Defaults in the object list.
  3. Click the Global Setup tab.
  4. Click New Conga Grid App Page (beta). The New Conga Grid App screen appears.
  5. Select a Salesforce app from the App drop-down list.
  6. Select the Convert to MultiTab check box if you want to create a Multi-Tabular Conga Grid Visualforce page with tabs that match objects in the app. If you do not select this check box, 
  7. Enter a Label for the new view. This will be the name of the view in Conga Grid. The Name field automatically populates based on the Label.
  8. Enter an optional Description for the view.
  9. Select the Create Views check box if you want to convert Salesforce list views to separate Conga Grid views. Be aware that if you have hundreds of list views, this option will create separate Conga Grid views for each one.
  10. Select a privacy option for the view from the Privacy drop-down list.
  11. Select the Inline Edit Mode check box to enable inline editing in the view.
  12. Select the Reading Pane check box to enable the Reading Pane to display in the view.
  13. Select the Toolbar check box to display the Conga Grid toolbar in the view.
  14. Select the Add Page To AG Users Permission Set to automatically add the Visualforce page to the Conga Grid Users permission set.

    Here is an example with options selected:
  15. Click OK.

When processing is complete:

  • Visualforce Page Created screen appears if you selected the Convert to MultiTab option. You can dismiss the dialog, or click View VF Page to go directly to the Visualforce page in Salesforce Setup. Or, click Page Layout to manage the new Visualforce page layout in Salesforce Setup.
  • A Success screen appears if you did not select the Convert to MultiTab option. Click Dismiss. Click the F5 key to refresh your browser, then click the Apps menu in Salesforce to view the new app.
  • If you selected the Create Views option, you can access the new Conga Grid views from the Views drop-down menu in the Conga Grid toolbar.  
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