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Create a "Recently Viewed" View

This topic shows an example using the Contact object. The view is similar to a Recent Contacts list view.

  1. Click Conga Grid Setup.
  2. Select the desired object from the list of objects (for example, Contact).
  3. Click the object Fields tab (for example, Contact Fields).
  4. Scroll to the Last Viewed Date field, and select the Visible check box to make the field visible.
  5. Click Save.

  6. Click Conga Grid Explorer.
  7. Select the same object (for example, Contact).
  8. Click the drop-down arrow next to Configure and click Fields.
  9. Add the Last Viewed Date and Owner fields to the grid.
  10. Filter the Last Viewed Date field by:
    • Is not empty AND
    • Is equal to the Last 7 Days
  11. Click the Last Viewed Date field header twice to sort by descending order.
  12. (Optional). Filter the Owner field to your records by selecting the My check box under the filter.
  13. Click Filter.
  14. When you are done filtering, save the new view. In this example, the view is named Contact - Recently Viewed.
  15. To turn this view into a Multi-Tabular layout, see Multi-Tabular Conga Grid.

Note: Filtering by Owner lets you only the see recently viewed records that you own, not all of the records that you have recently viewed. Use caution when filtering by owner.

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