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Batch Post IDs to Visualforce Page

 Custom Action Name 


Objects affected



This custom action lets you post record IDs to a Visualforce page.

Use Cases

Pass a list of IDs to a Visualforce page to use them in a process that the Visualforce page can initiate.


The use of JavaScript in Conga solutions is considered an advanced method, requiring JavaScript knowledge, and is not supported by Conga or the Conga support team. You are welcome to use this feature at your own risk.

Follow these steps to create the custom action:

  1. Click Conga Grid Setup.
  2. Select the object for which you want to create the custom action.
  3. Select the object Features tab.
  4. Click New Custom Action. The Custom Action screen appears.
  5. Delete the sample code from the Javascript field.
  6. Copy and paste the following code into the Javascript field.
  7. Copy the itemID value and paste it as the Action Name.
  8. Click OK.
// Load in a CRMC library for entry window (note these are undocumented and unsupported for now)
crmc.require(['sfdc', 'KendoPopup'], function (sfdc, popup) {
    * @author CRMCulture
    * @description Basic Salesforce POST example

    *   "ITEM_ID" Is the ID that uniquely identifies our Action item, Paste it into the action name value.
    *   "CONTEXT_OBJECT" Is the context object that your action is based on, use API name.
    *   "ACTION_LABEL" Is the lable that will be displayed in the context menu.
var ITEM_ID = "Web_Post_(PostObjectName)_From_(TableName)";
var CONTEXT_OBJECT = "Account";
var ACTION_LABEL = "POST Hello World";

    *   @DESCRIPTION: In order to get garantee a session for  the user we must need to make a static 
    resource call. Otherwise the first time a user runs this action they will get a no records selected
    error... the resource must be of type Javascript it's a known Salesforce bug and this is currently
    the most effective way to solve the issue.
    *   "APP_PACKAGE_NAME" Is the Package Name of the application you need to create a session for.
    *   "APP_NAMESPACE_PREFIX" Is the Prefix to the application you need to create a session for.
    *   "APP_STATIC_RESOURCE_MINE_TYPE" Is file MINE Type of the Static Resource within the application.
    *   "APP_STATIC_RESOURCE_NAME" Is the Name of the Static Resource being called within the application.
    *   "APP_APEX_CLASS_NAME" Is the apex class name of your 

var APP_PACKAGE_NAME = "Package Name";
var APP_STATIC_RESOURCE_MINE_TYPE = "text/javascript";
var APP_STATIC_RESOURCE_NAME = "Resource Name";
var APP_APEX_CLASS_NAME = "Apex Class Name";

/** Language strings.*/
var COULD_NOT_OBTAIN_SESSION_FOR = "Could not obtain session for ";
var IS_THE_APP_INSTALLED = " is the app installed?";
var PLEASE_SELECT_RECORDS = "Please select records";
var SELECT_AT_LEAST_ONE_RECORD_TO_POST = 'Select at least one record to post.'

    * Custom action core code below.

      "itemID": "ITEM_ID",
      "isAvailable": function (context) {
          // This function is called before the action item is displayed and returns a boolean if the item should be displayed
          // By default determine availability based on Feature Security for this action
          var isEnabled = this.featureSecurity.getSetting(, this.itemID) !== false;
          // Only allow batch adding from Accounts object for now
          var isAccessible = == CONTEXT_OBJECT;
          var multipleSelected = context.selectedRows && context.selectedRows.length > 0;
          return isAccessible && isEnabled && multipleSelected;
      "getLabel": function (context) {
        // This function returns the display label of the action item and is called before the item is shown
        return "ACTION_LABEL";
      "createSubmenuItems": function (context) {
        // If this function returns additional action item objects, they will appear as submenu items
        return [];
      "click": function (context) {
          // Include static resource from managed namespace pre-creates session and allows us to safely POST data without redirect issue
          var head = document.getElementsByTagName('HEAD').item(0);
          var script = document.createElement("script");
          script.type = APP_STATIC_RESOURCE_MINE_TYPE;
          var domains = window.location.hostname.split(".");
          if (domains.length == 3) {
              instance = domains[0];
          else {
              instance = domains[1];
          //script.src = "https://AcctSeed." + instance + "" + new Date().getTime();
          script.src = "https://" + APP_NAMESPACE_PREFIX + "." + instance + "" + APP_NAMESPACE_PREFIX + "__" + APP_STATIC_RESOURCE_NAME + "?ts=" + new Date().getTime();
          script.onerror = function() {
              // Couldn't load app script, assume not installed

          script.onload = function() {
              //If any rows are selected. POST with the given id's.
            if (context.selectedRows.length > 0) {
                var selectedIds = [];
                Object.each(context.selectedRows, function (item) { selectedIds.push({name: "ids", value: item["Id"]}); });
                var parameters = {
                    retURL: context.actionGrid.settings.pageURL,
                sfdc.postToVFPage(APP_NAMESPACE_PREFIX, APP_APEX_CLASS_NAME, parameters, selectedIds);
            else {
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