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Conga Grid Quick Start Options

Use the Conga Grid Quick Start tab to automatically create a Conga Grid using Quick Grid Templates or by importing existing Salesforce® data from your organization. The options in this tab are meant for new users who want to get started using Conga Grid for the first time.

Three ways to get started:

Quick Start: Pre-Built Conga Grids

This option creates a Conga Grid layout based on one of four common roles:

  • Sales - One place for a Sales Rep covering Leads, Opportunities, and Accounts.
  • Sales Executive - Opportunity and pipeline management, geared toward sales leaders and directors.
  • Case Management - For Support Reps who make calls, emails, and drive cases to closure.
  • Salesforce Admin - Tools for admins who need to manage users, Visualforce pages, permission sets, and Conga Grid views.
  • CPQ - Meant for admins using CPQ.
  • Conga Contracts for Salesforce - Contracts Hub where users can view Contracts, Opportunities, and Quotes with Managed Clauses, Content Documents, and Redlines in the Reading Pane.  Requires Conga Contracts for Salesforce to be installed in the org.

Quick Start: Create a Custom Conga Grid

Use these grids if you have apps, list views, or custom setups.

  • Create from Salesforce App - Allows you to select an existing app with list views and convert those views into a multi-tab Conga Grid.
  • Create from List Views - Allows you to select a single list view and turn it into a Conga Grid.

The Quick Start options were designed for new Conga Grid users who are not familiar with configuring Conga Grid. You can still build a new grid or customize an existing grid from the Conga Grid Setup tab.  See Conga Grid Configuration for more information.

You may need to add the Conga Grid Quick Start tab to the row of tabs if it is not already visible. Follow these steps:

  1. Click All Tabs (+) in the row of tabs.
  2. In the upper-right corner of the All Tabs page, click Customize My Tabs.
  3. Click Conga Grid - Quick Start in the Available Tabs list.
  4. Click Add to move it to the Selected Tabs list.
  5. Click Save.
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