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Can I Filter Fields that are Not Displayed?

A common misconception is that you must display all fields in the Conga Grid for which you have created a filter. Sometimes you just want to filter on a given field but not necessarily display the field because of limited screen space.

Conga Grid was designed for you to create as many filters as you need but not necessarily display the associated fields. Here is an example scenario: You are viewing a grid of Opportunities and you want to only see the records with a percentage value greater than 60%. You can temporarily add the Percentage (%) field to the grid, set the filter, then remove the field from the grid.

Follow these steps:

  1. Click Opportunity in the object list.
  2. Click the drop-down arrow next to Configure and click Fields.
  3. Select the Probability (%) check box. You will remove it later. For now, you must display it in order to create a filter.
  4. Click the Filter icon in the Probability (%) column header.
  5. Click Basic Filter.
  6. Select Is greater or equal to, and enter a value of 60.
  7. Click Filter. An orange Filter icon indicates that a filter has been applied to the field.
  8. Click and drag the Probability (%) field off the grid to hide it.
  9. The entire list view of Opportunities is still filtered by a probability of 60% or greater even though the Probability (%) field is now hidden. To verify this, click the drop-down arrow next to Configure and click Filter Logic. The Filter Logic screen shows all of the current filters.
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