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Differentiating user roles and permissions

Standard Users, Managers, and System Administrators are the three roles within the Default Permissions set that cannot be altered.

The following chart gives a detailed overview of what each of these roles can do within Conga Collaborate:

Conga Collaborate Function Standard User Manager System Administrator
Create presentations, proposals, contracts, templates, and content x x x
Publish and send documents x x x
Access and edit own material x x x
Access private documents of direct reports x x x
Assign documents and assets to other users x x x
Edit public or private documents of direct reports   x x
Edit private templates of direct reports   x x
Lock or unlock private items in the assets library   x x
Edit user roles and settings     x
Edit manager and reporting settings     x
Edit account settings     x
Edit roles and permissions     x
Create and edit themes     x
Manage integrations     x
Create and edit signals     x
Manage tags     x