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Conga Support

User Notification Preferences


Conga Collaborate uses email and text alerts to notify users of activity on their documents.  Notifications can be customized on a user by user basis.


Use notification preferences to customize exactly how and when you receive notifications about activity on your documents.


  1. Open your user dropdown in the top right corner of the screen and select User Profile.
  2. Select the Notifications tab.
  3. Choose the notification types you want for the following events:
    • Document Accepted
    • Document Declined
    • Proposal Voided
    • Question or Comment Submitted
    • Creation of Change Requests and Comments
    • First Document View
    • All Document Views

In order to receive text notifications, you must enter your phone number in your use profile in Conga Collaborate. All text notifications will come from a single phone number, 317-550-4586, and messages will be grouped in the same conversation