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Conga Collaborate - Microsoft Managed Solution Update


Microsoft is rolling out a new version of Microsoft Dynamics on April 1, 2019. Microsoft Dynamics customers have the option to move from the Classic UI to the Dynamics 365 United Interface. The new interface will impact the way Conga Collaborate connects to Microsoft Dynamics.

Who does this impact?

This update will affect all Microsoft Dynamics customers moving to the United Interface and using Conga Collaborate.

What action do I need to take?

If you plan to move to the Dynamics 365 United Interface, you must update your Conga Collaborate managed solution file prior to rolling out the new interface. This new solution file allows you to create documents from Microsoft Dynamics after your Dynamics environment moves to the new Dynamics 365 United Interface. If you do not complete these steps before moving to the Dynamics 365 United Interface you will be unable to create Conga Collaborate documents.

For accounts staying with the Dynamics Classic UI, continue to use the old managed solution file version For accounts ready to opt in to the Dynamics 365 United Interface, use the new managed solution file version You can download the new managed solutions files here:

After you've downloaded the new file, follow these steps to update your managed solution. 

 W recommend you select Maintain Customizations instead of Overwrite Customizations when you update your solution. If you already installed Version 1.8.00, but did not switch to the United nterface, you must reinstall Version

For assistance, please contact the Conga Support Team, and we will follow up with you as quickly as possible.