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Adding lightboxed images to documents

iLightBox lets you and your clients see full-size images without leaving your document. You place an image thumbnail that the user clicks to bring up a full-size image, overlaid on the current page. The lightbox also enables users to scroll through any other images that are lightboxed on that page.

Use these steps to lightbox an image in your document:

  1. Within your document, place your cursor where you’d like the image thumbnail to appear.
  2. Click the Content tab.
  3. Click Images.
  4. From the image gallery that appears, drag and drop the image you want into the content editor window.
  5. Select the image and click the Image button in the editing toolbar.
  6. Copy the URL from the Source field, and click Ok to close the window.
  7. Right click the image.
  8. Click Insert Link in the editing toolbar.
  9. Add your copied URL to the URL field, deleting the ? and everything that comes after it. Your URL should now end with the image file type: .png, .jpg, and so on.
  10. Click the dropdown arrow next to Class and select Enable Lightbox.
  11. Click OK.
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