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Advanced search in Conga Collaborate


The Advanced search tool gives you access to field by field specific searches and allows you to combine multiple attributes into more complex statements.


Anytime you need to search on multiple document or content attributes, the Advanced search tool makes it easy to add or remove criteria, gives you insight into all available search criteria, and allows you to easily select and/or define the values you want to search on.


To use the Advanced search tool:

  1. Click Advanced to the bottom right of the search bar

  2. Select the attribute you want to search on (tag, name, client, etc.)

  3. Select the operator.  Available options vary depending on attribute type

  4. Select the values you to want to search for or type in the text you want to find

  5. Optionally, add additional search criteria by clicking the + button.  Criteria can also be removed by using the - button

  6. Choose your Match criteria: All, Any, or None

  7. Click Search

  8. Click on hyperlinks throughout the user interface, or type them into the advanced search bar with a colon after the filter (for example, author: Jane Doe).