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Document scripting overview

This article is maintained for legacy purposes only.  All clients should be utilizing the Modern Variables feature, which provides a modern, point-and-click interface for formatting variables.  If this feature is not enabled in your account, please contact Conga Global Support.


Conga Collaborate’s legacy document scripting language allows you to write conditional statements, substitute text strings, and perform calculations with variables.


Being able to format your variables is important for the look, feel, and design of your document.  Document scripting allows you to, among other things, remove unnecessary decimal places, display links as images, and format currency variables with the proper currency symbols.  In addition, math operators allow you to perform basic operations on your variable data and display the results, all within Conga Collaborate.


 Document scripting requires entirely lower case variables, even if the variable would normally have capitalized letters.
Ex: { { Opportunity_Name } } would be { { opportunity_name } } when used with document scripting.