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Offline Change Requests

This is a BETA FEATURE and not generally available at this time

In Conga Collaborate, you have the ability to take your online change requests offline into Microsoft Word. If you don’t see the feature in your account and are interested in finding out if your team would be a good fit for this Beta program, reach out to your relationship manager for more information.

How do I complete an offline change request?

In Conga Collaborate:

  • From a published contract (internally or externally published), navigate to the Versions Tab and select “New Change Request”
  • In the drop down that appears, choose “Make Offline Changes”
  • A download of the current version of your document will automatically begin

In Microsoft Word:

  • Open up the downloaded file
  • Make any desired changes to the file
  • You’ll notice any changes reflected in the right-hand margin of the document and underlined
  • Save the file

In Conga Collaborate:

  • Return to the online document
  • Click “Choose Files” located under the cancel change request button
  • Select the updated Word file
  • From here, the change request approver will be able to accept and reject changes just like an online Conga Collaborate document, then submit it as a new version
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