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Using Math Expressions in Auto Generated Content

Math expressions

You can perform mathematical operations on fields in any single table cell within an auto-generated table or on fields in a data-repeat block.  Conga Collaborate only understands math operators within the context of auto-generated content, and as such all math expressions must be within [square brackets].  Operators that are supported are: + - * /


  • To calculate Total Price: [ListPrice * Quantity]
  • To calculate sales tax:  [SUM(TotalPrice) * .07]

Note:  As a best practice, Conga Collaborate does not recommend performing mathematical operations within Conga Collaborate itself if you are using a CRM.  These calculations should be performed within the CRM and the results simply displayed in Conga Collaborate. This allows your CRM to be the source of truth for your data.

Here is an example pricing table that uses math expressions:

Product Name Product Family Price Quantity Total Price
[PricebookEntry.Product2.Name] [PricebookEntry.Product2.Family] [UnitPrice] [Quantity] [UnitPrice * Quantity]

With preview turned on:

Product Name Product Family Price Quantity Total Price
Apple Fruit $500 2 $1,000
Carrot Vegetable $2,000 7 $14,000
Pear Fruit $2,500 4 $10,000
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