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Cloud Storage: Egnyte: Integrating with Conga Collaborate

The Conga Collaborate integration gives Egnyte users the power to create, share, collaborate and sign documents online – on any device, anywhere. Once a document is signed, Conga Collaborate automatically saves a completed document to the correct Egnyte folder for secure storage and sharing.

With the Conga Collaborate integration Egnyte users can:

  • Use Egnyte’s search to find files, right from within a Conga Collaborate account
  • Build Conga Collaborate documents with files stored in the Egnyte repository
  • Automatically sync the latest version of Egnyte files to have access to the most up-to-date version within Conga Collaborate
  • Collaboration with any internal or external party on any type of document that requires eSignature
  • Send a copy of the completed document to the correct Egnyte folder for secure storage
  • Track interaction with shared files for more timely and informed follow-up

To use your Egnyte or other cloud storage account, simply select the New Page button from a document.  Then select the option to add from cloud content.

Choose Egnyte from the list of Conga Collaborate’s cloud storage partners and log into your Egnyte account.  This will give you access to all of your folders and files that are stored through Egnyte and can bring them into your Conga Collaborate document.

To learn more about our Egnyte integration, head to our website and have one of our experts get in touch with you!