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Collaborate and Conga Sign Integration FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions and Tips


What types of tags can I add to documents?

Conga Collaborate allows you to easily use all standard Conga Sign signature tags except for write back tags. Conga Collaborate integration with Conga Sign recognizes standard Conga Sign tagging syntax in addition to standard DocuSign tagging syntax.

How can I add a custom text field?

Add a custom text field using the appropriate Conga Sign custom text tagging syntax in your Collaborate document. 

Example custom text tagging syntax: \customtext1 {“label”:”Address”}\

If I don't add a signature tag to my document, what happens?

If a user creates a Collaborate document integrated with Conga Sign and no tags are added to the document, Collaborate automatically adds a standard signature tag for each identified signer in the sent Collaborate document.

Can I add signature and initials tags in places other than the signature page?

Yes, Conga Sign tags are available to be added anywhere in a Collaborate document. 

Can I upload a PDF to Collaborate and send for signature?

Yes, users can upload a PDF to Collaborate through the Content Library and then add Conga Sign tags to the PDF document on a new page. 

Can I get my signed documents into Salesforce?

Yes, using Conga Collaborate's Outgoing Data Tool users can automatically send final the Signed PDF to a Salesforce record as both an Attachment and Collaborate document.