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DocuSign: Adding multiple signers

With DocuSign, you can add multiple signers to a document, specify signer order, and assign DocuSign signer roles.

Permissions Needed: All users can add signers

Feature Requirements: Requires DocuSign to be enabled for your account.

Adding multiple signers:

Follow these steps to add multiple signers to a document:

  1. Open your document.
  2. If you are on a contract type document, skip to step 3.  Otherwise, follow these steps:
    1. Open the Integrations panel to ensure that the DocuSign box is checked.
  3. Open the People panel.
  4. Click Add People.
  5. Enter recipient information and assign signer order.  Add as many recipients as you wish by clicking Add Another Recipient and set signer order for each. You can edit signer information after it has been added to the document by clicking on the gear icon in the recipients’ contact card:                      

If a proposal includes post-acceptance forms, you’ll see a checkbox when you add signers to control whether that signer can fill out those forms.

Notes about using multiple signers:

  • Document signers must use their unique, individual links to access and sign the document. Using the document’s public URL will allow the signer to review the document but does not give signing access.
  • You can still add recipients who are not signers, called collaborators. Collaborators have read-only access.
  • A document will be marked as Declined when any single signer declines.
  • The document’s owner gets an email notification when the document has been signed by all signers.
  • Signers receive individual email notifications when it is their turn to sign, as well as confirmation emails after they have signed the document.