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DocuSign: Recipient redlining permissions

Sales reps can determine which recipients can make and submit change requests to a contract document.  The redlining permission in Conga Collaborate gives recipients the permission to redline independent of their signer status.  Reps have the option to add collaborators who can or cannot redline, as well as signers who can or cannot redline.

Permissions Needed: All users can add signers and set redlining permissions

Feature Requirements: Redlining is only available with contract type documents.

To assign redlining permissions:

  1. From within the contract document, click the People panel.
  2. Click Add People (or edit a recipient previously added to the document).
  3. Click Advanced Permissions.
  4. Check (or uncheck) the box next to Can redline. Default settings give redlining permissions to all signers; non-signers default to no redlining permissions.