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Conga Collaborate eSig: Creating multiple quotes

Forget sending multiple documents and going back and forth to discuss options. You can create multiple quotes in Salesforce, generate them into a Conga Collaborate document and quickly send them to prospects. Your prospects choose which quote they wish, accept the document, and sign the chosen quote all within the same document.

Follow these steps to create quotes within a document.


  1. Click Opportunity.
  2. Create New Opportunity.
  3. Select the account (your prospect) who will receive the quotes.
  4. Fill out all necessary fields. These vary according to your organization.
  5. Click Save. Your Opportunity screen appears.
  6. Scroll down to Quotes.
  7. Click New Quote.
  8. Create a quote name (Option 1, in this example).
  9. Click Save. Your Opportunity screen appears.
  10. Click Add Line Item under Quote Line Items. (Ensure that you have set up your price book.)
  11. Select all products you wish to include in this quote.
  12. Click Select.
  13. Provide quantities and apply any discounts.
  14. Click Save. Quote Option 1 appears under Quotes.
  15. Create as many different quotes as you wish using this process, then click New Conga Collaborate Document. You see the Build view of a document with your Quote information.

After you edit and publish your document, the prospect can accept and sign whichever quote he or she wants. The signed PDF that the prospect receives shows only the selected quote, and all data syncs to Salesforce.

In your Salesforce account, you see the accepted data as soon as the document is accepted.

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