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Adding Text Snippets

Maybe you use certain pieces of text in various documents over and over (or would like to). Make that process quick and easy by using Text Snippets. These bits of text live in your Content Library so you can drag and drop them into various documents—after which you can easily edit and format them from the Document Build view. (The Editing Toolbar includes a Clear Formatting option if any unwanted formatting sticks from snippet to document.)

Your Text Snippets can include as little copy as you like and as many as 65,536 characters (or 64 KB).

Use these steps to add a Text Snippet to your document:

  1. From the Build View of the document, you want to add a Text Snippet to, click the Content tab on the right side of your screen.
  2. From the panel that slides out, you will see a list of content types.
  3. Choose Text Snippets.
  4. Click the Text Snippet you want from the list, or use the Search Bar to find it.
  5. Make sure your cursor is in the spot where your Text Snippet should go, and then drag and drop it into your document.
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