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Creating and editing tables


Create standard tables quickly and easily or use extensive customization options to format table properties like border, border color, background color, and table width.


Tables are used in a multitude of ways in Conga Collaborate, including:

  • Displaying contact information
  • Displaying products in an auto-generated table
  • Displaying information in a grid with no borders


Insert a Table
  1. Within the document editor, open the Table dropdown.
  2. Hover over Insert Table.
  3. From the grid, select the number of rows and columns for your table.
Edit Table Properties

Use Table Properties to set overall dimensions and configure your table’s appearance.

Settings like border color, border width, and background color must be set at the individual cell level.  Changing them here will not do anything.

General Tab:

  • Width - for best compatibility with different-sized devices, always use a percentage. To set a percent value, you must type in the percent sign - 20%, for example.
  • Alignment - table alignment on the page (None, Left, Center, Right).
  • Height, Cell spacing, Cell padding - should always be blank.
  • Caption - creates a table header that only appears when the table does.  Useful when creating an auto-generated table or putting show/hide logic around a table.
  • Class - sets the table as a striped table or an auto-generated table.

Advanced Options Tab:

  • Style - CSS language for styling your table cell. This is updated based on your selections in the other parts of the Table properties menu.  If you are comfortable with CSS, you can also insert your own stylings here.
  • Border color and Background color - see note above.


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