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Editing tables

You can edit a table from whatever document it’s in. Just right click on the table to bring up an editing window. In order of how they appear in the menu, here’s a rundown of the options you have for modifying tables.

Editing Table Cells

Hovering over Cell gives you three more options:

Cell properties – configure elements such as cell size, type, color, content alignment, and background and border color

  • Width: Set in pixels or a percent value. Conga Collaborate recommends using percentage values as it lets you set dynamic proportion of the row that the cell (and its column) will occupy
  • Height: Set in pixels
  • Cell type: Choose normal data cell (none) or a header cell, which may be styled differently based on your Theme settings. Setting cells as header cells also removes the border in between header cells
  • Scope:
  • H Align: Move cell elements left, right, or center
  • V Align: Set cell elements to appear top, middle, or bottom.
  • Class: For cells containing auto-generated content, incoming data will be formatted to match the selected class

Merge cells – merge the selected cells into one

Split cell – split the selected cell back into its original cells

Advanced Cell Properties

The Cell Properties editor also contains an Advanced tab that lets you configure these additional options:

  • Style: CSS style definitions that create the visual look of your cell
  • Border Color and Background Color: Use one of the following methods to set border and background colors:
    • Select your color by clicking into the color text box and then choosing from the color palette
    • Enter the RGB value in the text box, in the rgb(nn, nn, nn) format, where nn is a numeric value on a scale from 0 to 255 representing the red, green, and blue channel. For example, you’d enter rgb(00, 00, 255)for blue.
    • Enter your color’s hexadecimal RGB value in the modal, using the format #nnnnnn, where each pair of nn is the hexadecimal representation of the RGB values for red, green, and blue, respectively. For blue, you’d enter #0000ff.

Editing Table Rows

Hovering over Row in the table context menu gives you several row edit options:

  • Insert Row Before
  • Insert Row After
  • Delete Rows
  • Row Properties clicking this gives you more options:
    • Edit row type (header, body, or footer)
    • Alignment (none, left, center, or right)
    • Height
    • Advanced Row Properties – manipulate style, border color, and background color. (Check out the previous section Advanced Cell Properties for specifics on using these properties.)
  • Cut Row
  • Copy Row
  • Paste Row Before
  • Paste Row After

Editing Table Columns

The Column option lets you insert columns before or after the current column as well as delete columns.

Deleting Tables

To delete the whole table and its contents, use the Delete Table option.

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