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Font Manager in Conga Collaborate

Conga Collaborate gives administrators the ability to search and load Google fonts into your Conga Collaborate account. Loaded Google Fonts will be available in your Conga Collaborate Theme for use in Conga Collaborate Proposal or Contract document types. You will keep access to the default Fonts Conga Collaborate offers today.

Visit to see a selection of Google Fonts available. A font must have an “Open Font License” to be loaded in Conga Collaborate.

To add a Google Font to your Conga Collaborate account:

  1. Open your Conga Collaborate Administration panel and select the Font Manager

  2. Type into the Font Manager search bar to select the Google Font you wish to load

  3. The Regular (400 weight) variation of the Font will be included by default, and you can select additional Font variations by checking the box next to each variation.

  4. Click Add Font

  5. You will see the newly added Font showing on your Font Manager list

To Edit or Remove a Google Font from your Font Manager:

  1. Open your Administration panel and select the Font Manager

  2. From the list of added Fonts, you may click to Edit this Font to add additional variations or you may click to Delete the Font from your Font Manager.

To use a Google Font in your Conga Collaborate Documents (Proposal and Contract document types):

  1. After adding a Google Font to your Font Manager using the steps above, open your Administration panel and select Themes

  2. Select a Theme and click Edit to enter the Theme Builder

  3. Using the tools on the right side of the page to edit your theme, you will now be able to see your loaded Fonts when you open a list of available Fonts. The Fonts you have loaded into your Font Manager will show at the top of the Font list followed by the default Fonts Conga Collaborate offers. Select the Font for the appropriate area of your Theme and click Save.

  4. The Font selections made in the Theme will impact documents using this Theme.

  5. You can refer to these support article for additional details on editing Fonts and Themes:

We suggest limiting each Conga Collaborate Theme to no more than 3 different fonts for optimal document load time.

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