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Inserting and removing page breaks


Page breaks force a new page when downloading to PDF from a Collaborate document.


Separate Collaborate content pages do not automatically force a page break in PDF download, so it is necessary to insert page breaks at the end of pages to ensure that each distinct Collaborate page starts as its own PDF page.  In addition, since Collaborate content pages can be as long as you want them to be, you might want to force a page break in the middle of a Collaborate content page when it is downloaded to PDF.


Follow these steps to insert page breaks:

  1. Open your document

  2. Place your cursor where you would like a page break inserted

  3. Click Insert from the Menu Bar

  4. Click Page Break. You will see two dotted lines representing your page break inserted on the page

To remove a page break, follow these steps:

  1. Click the page break you want to remove such that your cursor sits on or just below the page break

  2. Click the left arrow on your keyboard

  3. Press Shift+Enter

  4. Make sure your cursor is on or below the page break and hit Backspace


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