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Repeatable Pages

Conga Collaborate has the ability to create a page or section for each child record on a launching object. For example, if launching off of an Opportunity in Salesforce, users can make a page or section repeatable so that a generated document has a new page or section for each product on the Opportunity. This is very similar to how Conga Collaborate creates auto-generated tables to display the products on an Opportunity, but this feature instead creates a page for each product instead of a row in a table.

Repeatable pages provide flexibility for content managers by allowing for multiple templates for a page. For example, suppose a content manager wants to have two layouts with different formatting and images for his repeatable page dependent on the location of the client. He could create two repeatable pages with different layouts and then hide the page that doesn’t apply to the client’s location.

Creating Repeatable Pages

To set up repeatable pages, follow these steps:

  1. On a template or document, click on the gear icon next to the page title of the page you want to make repeatable
  2. Go to the Repeatable tab
  3. Select the data source for the page
  4. Select the Render Page Contents checkbox (Render Page Contents makes it so that Conga Collaborate replaces the variable names with their actual CRM values. If you want to see the variable names instead of their CRM values, leave this box unchecked.)
  5. Populate the repeatable page with content. In order to use variable names, follow these steps:
    • Open up your CRM integration settings by going to Administration > Integrations and selecting your CRM
    • In the Incoming Data section, open up your launching object dropdown and scroll down to the Child Relationships list that corresponds with the data source for your repeatable page
    • Copy the variable names into your repeatable page, surrounded by {{ double brackets }} Ex: {{PricebookEntry.Product2.Name}}

Making a section repeatable removes the Repeatable tab from individual page properties. Pages can still be set as repeatable by turning off repeatability for the section and setting the page as repeatable, then re-enabling repeatability for the section.

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