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Routing documents to internal people

Our templates enable you to put processes in place by setting up notifications for colleagues who need to review or sign your documents. Instead of adding these recipients to each document, you can ensure every document you create, through a template, will pull over the correct internal recipient information and land in the right hands.

Follow these steps to add recipients to your templates:

  1. From your Documents view, use the menu on the left to navigate to the template you want.
  2. With the template open, click the People tab.
  3. Click Add People.
  4. From the pop-up window you can add the people associated with the template and set their role, if they are a signer you can also set their signer order.
    • To add a new signer, click Add, fill out the fields for your signer’s name and contact information and ensure you select “Yes” under Signer.
    • To add a non-signer, fill out the contact info fields and ensure you select “No” under Signer.
  5. Click Done.

Your changes will apply to all documents created from that template.

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