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Searching in Conga Collaborate


Collaborate search gives you the ability to find documents or content through three methods: keyword search, advanced search, or pre-defined search filters.  You can also create and save custom search filters for later use.


Often times your Collaborate library is too large to manually find the documents and content you need.  Using search allows you to quickly narrow down the list using document attributes, predefined filters, or previously saved searches.


Collaborate has several default search filters that can be found in the left-hand panel of the Documents and Content libraries.  

Document default filters are:

  • All Documents

  • My Documents

  • Recent Documents

  • Archived Documents

  • Deleted Documents

  • Proposals

  • Proposal Templates

  • Document Status

Content default filters are:

  • All Content

  • My Content

  • Recent Content

  • Expired

  • Drafts

  • Images

  • Files

  • Snippets

  • Pages

Custom and advanced searches can be created using the instructions in these articles:

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