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Sending contract change requests

Document owners and recipients use change requests to easily negotiate a contract and its terms right on the document, without having to circulate a marked-up version of the document. You never lose any part of the process; a history of changes shows the day and time each change was made as the document moved toward its final form. The document owner is notified any time a change request is submitted and can then approve the changes (or not).

Depending on whom you’ve sent your contract to, you can send a change request to all recipients, including those outside your organization, or just to internal users.

Follow these steps to create a Change Request:

  1. In the published Contract you want to edit, click the New Change Request call to action button OR go the Versions tab in the Document Panel.
  2. Edit your document; changes are highlighted as you make them. You can turn off the highlights by clicking the checkbox next to Highlight Changes in the Document Panel.
  3. Click Submit for Approval in the Document Panel. (Or Cancel Change Request if you have a change of heart.) The contract owner receives a notification that a change is ready for review.

Whenever you’re making or reviewing a Change Request, you have an option to comment. Click Show next to the Comments icon at the bottom of the Document Information Panel. You’ll then see all comments regarding that change—and a text box that enables you to add your own.

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