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Tasks overview

Tasks allow for seamless collaboration. You can set Tasks for internal use within your Conga Collaborate documents.

Any document owner can set a Task and assign it to another internal user with a deadline. If you assign a Task, you’re notified when it is completed. All users will see tasks assigned to them, on their dashboard, when they first log into Conga Collaborate. Managers will also be able to see a list of their direct reports’ tasks.

A document that contains Required Tasks can not be published until all Tasks have been completed.

Follow these steps to create a task:

  1. From the Build View of the document you wish to add a task to, click the Tasks tab.
  2. From the Tasks panel, choose New Task. You can now set
    • Description of your Task.
    • The Assignee who will complete the Task.
    • The Due By date.
    • Whether the Task is Required.
    • Comments about your Task.
  3. Click Assign Task.

You can create multiple Tasks for multiple Assignees. The Assignee just clicks the checkbox next to an assigned Task when it has been completed, and the document owner is notified.