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Conga Support

Using versions

Our Versions feature lets a document owner make changes without losing previous incarnations of a document. You can use it to:

  • Create a new version of a published document or template without having to share a new link.
  • See a summary of all changes made to a document by checking the version history.
  • Access previous versions of the document.

Create a New Version

Follow these steps to create a new version:

  1. Click the Versions tab.
  2. Click Create New Version. Your document is saved in its current state as a past version.
  3. Edit to create your new version.
  4. When finished, you can save the current state of your document by clicking Finalize New Version.

If your document includes a required task, you can’t finalize the new version of your document until the required task has been completed.

Compare Versions

For any document that exists in more than one version, you can compare those versions to see what has changed.

Follow these steps to compare versions:

  1. Click the Versions tab.
  2. Click the Versions dropdown bar and choose a version.
  3. Click Compare.
  4. Select another Version to compare. In the content area, you see
    • Content added, highlighted in green.
    • Content deleted, in red strikethrough.
  5. Click Stop Comparing when you want to return to your Document.

Cancel New Versions

Follow these steps to cancel a new version:

  1. A document must be published in order to use the cancel version functionality.
  2. Click on the Versions tab.
  3. Click the Create New Version button.
  4. Click the Cancel New Version button. Doing so deletes the version of the document that you were working on.

If you click the Finalize New Version button, you can no longer cancel the new version of your document.