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Working from your document panel

When you’re in Build view of a document, a Document Panel appears on the right side of your screen.

The tabs you see there vary slightly according to your document setup and whether you’re in draft mode or have published your document. The following sections introduce you to the actions available through this panel.

Next Steps

From this tab, you see your document status and actions appropriate to that status.

From the Draft section, you can:

  • View Actions
  • Publish the Document
  • Click More Actions to
    • Archive
    • Convert to Template
    • Delete
    • Duplicate

From the Published section, click View Actions to:

  • Manage Versions (takes you to the Versions tab)
  • View Tracking (takes you to the Tracking tab)
  • Manage People (takes you to your People tab)

From the Accepted section, you can:

  • See which Version you’re in
  • View Acceptance status
  • Download a Signed PDF


From the Document tab, you can:

  • View the URL of the Document
  • Click View to see the published version
    • Edit Title
    • Edit Client
    • Edit Description
  • Add Tags
  • Add Theme
  • Edit Language
  • Edit Owner
  • Edit Value
  • Edit Expiration Date
  • Edit Privacy
  • Edit Document Options
    • Enable Access Code
    • Allow PDF downloads
    • Enable Coverpage
    • Enable Print Table of Contents
    • Signature Page in the PDF


From the Versions tab you can:

  • Compare Versions of your document
  • Add a Change Request (or create a new Version in draft form)
  • Switch to a different Version.


From the People tab, you can:

  • Send email
  • Add recipients
  • Select who can approve Change Requests
  • Change Signer Order


From the Content tab you can add or insert:

  • Images
  • Files
  • Doucments
  • Text Snippets
  • Forms (if you’ve enabled forms on your account)

When hovering over Images, Files, and Page Content, click on the “eye icon” on the left-hand side to expand the Content for a larger preview of the content.


This tab enables you to see tracking information such as when the document was created, updated, and published. It shows you a record of document activity, and you can take a much deeper dive into activity by clicking the View Full Report button.