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Automatically populate a PDF with Web Merge

You can use Web Merge to automatically populate fields of fillable PDFs through Conga Collaborate. Web Merge enables you to reference variable data from a document, CRM platforms, and Formstack entries.

Follow these steps to upload and auto-populate a PDF:

  1. From your Account Settings view, click Web Merge from the left-side menu.
  2. Click the Add Merge Document button.
  3. Choose your PDF by using the search field or the Choose File button (the PDF must be a fillable PDF).
  4. (Optional) Check the box next to Flatten to prevent the PDF from being edited after it’s auto-populated.
  5. (For Formstack-integrated accounts only) Choose the form that document owners complete to populate information that isn’t available in the document or CRM variables.
  6. Click Save. You see a list of fillable fields from your PDF.
  7. Select one of three Default Value Types next to each field.
    • Use String to insert a single static value.
    • Use Variable to reference a document, CRM, or form variable value.
    • Use Condition to insert one of two static values based on an evaluation of one or more variable values.
  8. Click Save.

Use the Properties tab to add saved Merge documents to a Proposal template.

Document owners and recipients can find completed merge documents from the Download Documents button in the Table of Contents.

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