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Disable link display in PDF downloads

It’s increasingly common to include links to other material within documents, but URLs can be clunky and lengthy when fully displayed. Our document users simply want to click once and be taken where they need to go. To solve this problem we often create hyperlinks within Conga Collaborate documents (i.e. “click here”), but this didn’t account for situations where the PDF was being downloaded.

Conga Collaborate allows, at the Theme level, for URL links to be hidden in PDF downloads. This way you can create the same clean look in your downloadable documents that you expect from Conga Collaborate’s online documents.

Follow this steps to disable link display in PDF downloads:

  1. From your user profile, select Administration, then the Themes icon
  2. Select a theme to edit
  3. Select the PDF section of the Theme editor and then check the “Hide link URLs” option

You must have permission to edit Themes for this feature, this permission is usually reserved for Conga Collaborate Administrators.

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