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Pipedrive: Managing data

After you’ve integrated your Pipedrive account with your Conga Collaborate account, you can easily move data back and forth.


The data set within Pipedrive is small enough that Conga Collaborate automatically pulls every field available.

When you add a Pipedrive Deal to your Conga Collaborate document, all standard fields will be available in the document.


Use the outgoing data tool to push information from your Conga Collaborate account back into Pipedrive. You can use various events to trigger outgoing data, and you can push data into any editable field within your Pipedrive account.

Follow these steps to configure this tool:

  1. From your Account Settings view, click Integrations.
  2. Click Pipedrive. Any information you send needs a place to land in Pipedrive, so be sure that the field you want to push data into exists on the object you select.
  3. Select the Conga Collaborate event you want to trigger updates of Pipedrive object records. You may select
    • Created
    • Publish
    • Accept
    • Decline
    • Create New Version
    • Finalize Version
    • Ask a Question
    • First View
    • Formstack Form Submission
    • Email Sent
    • Request Approval
  4. Select a specific Template or All Templates to designate how this rule will apply.
  5. Select the Pipedrive Deal object and field you’d like to send the information to.
  6. Select the Conga Collaborate data to map to the assigned field or specify the value to set in Pipedrive.
  7. Click Add.


Send the access code of a published proposal back to Pipedrive when that proposal is published.

  1. Create a Text field called Proposal Access Code in the Deal object.
  2. Select event Publish.
  3. Click Add.
  4. Assign field: Pipedrive objects = Deal, Pipedrive fields = Proposal Access Code
  5. Define value: Proposal Field = Proposal: Access Code
  6. Click Add.

Update the closed date of a Deal when a proposal or contract is accepted.

  1. Select event: Accept Proposal
  2. Assign field: SFDC Objects = Deal, SFDC Fields = Close Date
  3. Define value: Proposal Field = Proposal: Closed At (DateTime)
  4. Click Add.
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