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Presenter and viewer modes for presentations

Your options for Presentations are different depending on whether you’re in Presenter or Viewer Mode. The following sections outline what you can do when.

Presenter Mode

When you’re the Presenter, you can share, track, and present a Presentation.

To share a published Presentation, you can:

  • Copy, paste, and share the URL and Access Code.
  • Click the People tab and then the Add People button.

Follow these steps to track a published Presentation:

  1. Click the Track tab. A tracking data panel opens, and it includes:
    • Number of views
    • Last viewed by
    • Time viewed
    • Age
    • An activity feed of updates, presentation dates, and so on
  2. Click the View Full Report button to drill deeper into tracking information.

Follow these steps to present a Presentation:

  1. Click the Next Steps tab.
  2. Click the Start Presenting button. You see your current slide in the center panel. The panels on the right and left give further detail about your presentation.

The right panel shows you

  • A preview of the next slide in the deck.
  • A timer, to help you keep on track as you present.
  • Any slide-specific meeting notes you add.

The left panel enables you to jump to a specific slide. You can close this panel by clicking the bookmark icon.

There’s also a bottom menu, from which you can see who is viewing your Presentation. You also find the Stop Presenting button on the bottom left of this menu.

Viewer Mode

When you’re in Viewer Mode for a Conga Collaborate Presentation, you can use the bottom menu to:

  • Navigate through the slides.
  • View thumbnails of all slides.
  • Enter full-screen mode.
  • Download a PDF of the Presentation.
  • See who is viewing the Presentation.

Once the presenter kicks off the presentation, you lose the option to move through or otherwise manipulate the presentation and can use the bottom menu only to see who is viewing the presentation. When the presentation is over, you get your options back.


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