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Salesforce: Adding contacts to documents


Add your Salesforce contacts when emailing a document through Conga Collaborate. You can easily import the contact information for contacts related to your launching object. This feature works on any object in Salesforce, but when launching from the Opportunity or Account objects Conga Collaborate will by default pull contact information from the Contact Roles related list on each object, while a custom object that uses a lookup to an account will pull all the Account level contacts. Contact your relationship manager if you do not see this feature in your account.


Reduce the time your users have to spend entering recipient information in a document by quickly and easily adding it from your Salesforce data.


  1. Confirm that contact mapping has been configured in your Conga Collaborate account.
  2. Create a document from your launching object.
  3. Open the People panel on the right side of the document editor.
  4. Add recipients by clicking Add People and then Add Salesforce Contacts.

For each launching object, you can configure either 1 (one) lookup field or 1 (one) related list from which to pull contact(s).