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Conga Support

Salesforce: Template mapping


Automatically choose a Conga Collaborate template based on an object or field value in Salesforce.


Use template mapping to limit which templates are available to your users as well as to streamline document creation by removing the template selection step.


 You must be a Conga Collaborate system administrator in order to configure template mapping.

  1. From your user dropdown in the top right corner of the screen, select Administration.
  2. Open Integrations.
  3. Choose Salesforce and click Edit.
  4. Scroll down to the section labeled Assign Template.
  5. Choose your launching object.
  6. Select your Salesforce field and the value of that field.
  7. Select the Conga Collaborate template you want to use based on the selections made in steps 2 and 3
  8. (Optional) Turn on Auto-Publish.
  9. Click Add.

You can also select a Salesforce object without choosing a field. Doing so prompts Conga Collaborate to use your chosen template any time a document is launched from that object.

Finally, you can map the same template using different sets of criteria, even if launching from the same object.  The template that is selected is based on the specificity of your mapping criteria. This means that if you’re launching from an Opportunity and have two sets of Opportunity mappings, Conga Collaborate chooses the more specific option.  For example, if you have mapped a template to the Opportunity object only and mapped another template to a specific Opportunity stage, Conga Collaborate pulls the template associated with the Opportunity stage because that mapping is more specific.