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Conga Support

Conga Composer Expiration Warning

When launching Conga Composer, you receive an expiration warning. 
Your Conga Composer licenses are expiring within the number of days listed. 
  • If you did not purchase Conga Composer yet, but have a trial, engage with your salesperson. 


  • If this is a Sandbox, Dev, or UAT org, submit a case to extend your licenses to co-term with your subscription end date if the expiration is in 10 days or less. 
  • If this is your Production Org, and you purchased or renewed Conga Composer already, then submit a case.
  • If you recently purchased and installed Conga Composer for the first time, submit a case.

 All new Composer installs in Production or Sandbox Orgs for Composer default to a 30 day trial. Production Orgs default to 10 licenses, and Sandboxes default to an Unlimited Site License. ActionGrid, Conga Sign, and Conga Contracts default to a 15 day trial in Production Orgs.