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Conga Support

A problem occurred in the rendering process. Please verify your template is valid (Release 7)


This message indicates that a problem prevented Conga Composer from rendering from the template. There are a number of issues that can produce this problem:

What to do:
  • Start simple - try clearing the browser cache.
  • The template type might be unsupported. For example Conga Composer v7 does not support templates created in Office 2013.
  • The user does not have permissions for the object being used in this solution. This could be the cause if a solution works for the Admin but not an end user, or it works in Sandbox but not Production.
  • The user does not have field-level security for the field(s) being used in the solution
  • Merge fields in a Word Text Box. Text boxes are not supported for merging
  • The template may be corrupted template. Try recreating the template.
  • This can occur if QVars are not populating fields correctly.