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Invalid Session ID found in SessionHeader (Release 7)


This error typically occurs when there is a problem related to the button URL.

Issues that can cause this error include:

  • The object name of the Master Object is too long.
  • There are spaces in the button URL. Check the button URL, especially at the end of each line where spaces tend to "hide" to ensure that there are no spaces within the URL.
  • The button URL is too long. Too many characters in a button URL can prevent Composer from running properly.
  • The "Lock sessions to the IP address from which they originated" setting is enabled in your Salesforce instance. With this setting enabled, Conga Composer cannot operate. To check this whether this setting is enabled, navigate to Salesforce Setup > Administration Setup > Session Settings.
  • has timed out. Try refreshing your webpage, logging out of Salesforce and logging back in, and restarting your internet browser.
What To Do
  • Clear your cache and try again
  • Upgrade to Conga Composer Release 8
  • If you are using Conga Composer Release 7, ensure you are not running it in Lightning or Salesforce1, or using an OAuth button