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Object reference is not set to an instance of an object (Release 7)


This error message will appear in the View Data Excel workbook on one or more worksheets where a query has been used to retrieve data. It indicates that something is wrong with that particular query dataset –it’s incorrectly referenced, inaccessible, or incorrectly written.

What to do
  • Confirm that the proper query ID has been referenced in the Conga Composer button or link URL. Copy the query ID from the button URL and paste it into your Salesforce URL to ensure that it’s connected to a Conga Query record.
  • If you see a Salesforce error message indicating the record is not available, it’s either been deleted, was copied from a Sandbox and needs to be re-created in production, or the user doesn’t have permissions to access the Query record.
  • Confirm that the user profile has access to the Conga Queries custom object. Navigate there by clicking Salesforce Setup > Administer |Manage Users > Profiles > Object Settings > Conga Queries. “Read” is the minimum level of access required while “Edit,” “Create,” “Delete,” “View All,” and “Modify All” are optional. Confirm this level of access for all profiles running Conga Composer solutions.