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There hasn't been a file or email template ID defined, background mode cannot continue when trying to use (Release 8)


This Conga Composer error message occurs when the background mode parameter (&DS7) is used but a Template ID or Conga Email Template ID has not been specified. Because background mode skips the user interface in which you can choose which template or email template to use in the merge process, the template or email template must be pre-defined in the button or link URL via its Salesforce ID.

In other words, anytime you use the &DS7 parameter, you must also have the &TemplateID and/or &CongaEmailTemplateID (a.k.a. &CETID) parameter(s) included.

What to do

The below button or link URL example includes a pre-defined template using the &TemplateID parameter as well as a pre-defined Conga Email Template via the &CongaEmailTemplateID parameter. The solution also runs in background mode (&DS7) meaning the typical Conga Composer user interface is skipped; in this case because the background mode value is 2 (&DS7=2), the merged output file is attached to the Conga Email Template for sending via email.