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Composer Output Contains Blank Fields


Conga Composer will retrieve data from for all of the fields specified in your template according to the profile permissions of the running user. If a user is merging a document and is not receiving the expected data in the output file, troubleshoot the issue with the following list:

What to do
  • Conga Composer will show a blank value in the merged output file if the field in Salesforce is blank,

  • The merge field name in the document template needs to exactly match the field name as it's listed in the Template Builder or View Data workbook. If you are unsure whether the field name from the Template Builder matches what's in your template, delete the merge field in the template and create a new one from scratch.

    If your Word template uses traditional merge fields (e.g. «ACCOUNT_NAME») instead of text-based merge fields (e.g. {{ACCOUNT_NAME}}), ensure that you are comparing the field name, not the field label. The field name is what needs to match the field name that's listed in the Template Builder. Please see What is the difference between a Field Label and a Field Name for further information.

  • If a user does not have access to a field in Salesforce, then that user will not be able to merge that field using Conga Composer. For Salesforce Enterprise Edition and above, this means ensuring the user's Profile has access to the field via field-level security. For Professional Edition, this means ensuring that the field is included on the page layout.

  • The user will need access to the report and report folder for any fields that are being retrieved through a Salesforce report for a Conga Composer solution. When fields are retrieved via SOQL queries, the user will need access to the Conga Queries custom object and all of its fields.

    For Enterprise Edition and above, this means users must have at least "read" access to the Conga Queries custom object as well as visibility to all fields via field-level security. For Professional Edition, all of the Conga Queries fields need to be included on the Conga Queries page layout. The specific Conga Query record will also need to be accessible by the user. Please see Profile Permissions needed to use Conga Composer for further information.

If you are still experiencing difficulties after troubleshooting the issue using the above checklist, please Contact Support.