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Salesforce session expired or the Salesforce API Servers are offline - INVALID SESSION ID or SERVER URL (Release 7 and 8)


This error message usually results because of one (or more) of the following reasons:

  • "Lock sessions to the IP address from which they originated" has been enabled in your Salesforce instance. With this setting enabled, Conga Composer cannot operate. To check this whether this setting is enabled, navigate to Salesforce Setup > Administration Setup > Session Settings.
  • The users running Conga Composer do not have the "API Enabled" permission on their profile. This setting is on the Profile > Administrative Permissions > API Enabled.
  • The maximum API request limit for your Salesforce instance has been exceeded for the day. If your Salesforce instance has exceeded its maximum API requests, then Conga Composer cannot run (as we require the API to operate). This is a rolling 24 hour period so with each hour that passes, you will slowly accrue "fresh" API requests.
  • The server for your Salesforce instance (e.g. na3) is experiencing downtime/degradation issues.
  • You will also receive this error if you are launching a non-OAuth button in lightning. 
What to do
  • Check your API usage under Salesforce Setup > Administration Setup > Company Profile > Company Information > API Requests, Last 24 Hours.
  • Ensure "Lock sessions to the IP address from which they originated" is NOT enabled
  • Ensure the user running the solution has "API Enabled" on their Profile
  • Ensure you have not reached your maximum API request limit
  • Check if the server for your Salesforce instance is experiencing downtime or degradation issues. See
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