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Conga Word template issues


When there is no data in a field, spacing and font size are altered


If a field in Salesforce is blank and Conga returns a blank on the Word output file, the output reverts to the default font on the Word template rather than whatever font the merge field was set to.

For example, merge fields are set to Calibri font, 6 point size but some of the corresponding fields in Salesforce were blank. Accordingly, Conga outputs a blank on the output file but the font size for the blank is changed to Calibri size 11 because that's the default font for the template.


To remedy this, simply change the default font setting to whatever you need (e.g. Calibri size 6) so that blanks revert to the correct font.

Access the default font from the Home ribbon > Font area > click Font flyout (pop out arrow) > choose your desired font and size > Click the Set as Default button and select “For this document only.”