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Debugging URL

About the Debug URL

When you encounter an issue requiring support, you will be asked to provide a URL to access your solution and instance. The Debug URL will produce a URL that you can send to support that will allow them to access your solution without having to request access.

You can revoke access anytime under My Connections.

There are several ways to access the Debug URL link:

  1. In the Composer UI under Tools & Settings you will see the Debug URL option.
  2. A Debug URL link also appears in error messages.
  3. You can also copy the URL from the address bar of the browser after launching a Composer solution (recommended for Composer Release 7)

When you click Debug URL, Conga Composer presents a prompt asking for access.

If you allow:

  • The system will get a refresh token from Salesforce to allow access. (The Debug URL uses Salesforce OAuth security.)
  • There are no time limits to how long support can access the solution for troubleshooting.
  • Salesforce session timeout settings will not affect access.
  • You do not have to remain logged into Salesforce in order for the URL session to remain accessible.
  • You can revoke the access whenever you want via Connections under:
    My Settings>Personal>Connections

If you deny:

  • The URL is generated using the session ID.
  • The session will be revoked based on your Salesforce session timeout settings.
  • Once you log out of that session the URL will cease to work.
  • The URL is not as secure as using the Refresh token.

Generate a Debug URL (Composer Version 8)

  1. In the Composer window, click Tools & Settings, and then click Debug URL.


  2. Composer presents a prompt asking for access.


    Click Allow to generate a refresh token from Salesforce to allow access. This allows for troubleshooting without time limits. You can revoke this token after your support session.

    Or Click Deny to generate the URL using a session ID. This allows for troubleshooting until the current session expires or you log out.

  3. Copy the contents of the Debug Url window.


  4. This can then be pasted into the support form or emailed to your support representative.

Generate a Debug URL (Composer Version 7)

  1. Click the Launch button.
  2. The Conga Composer user interface will now display in a new browser tab.
    Note: if you have enabled background mode (&DS7), you will need to disable it (&DS7=0) in order to reach the Composer user interface.
  3. Click on the browser URL, highlight the entire URL, and copy it.
    The URL you copied from the Composer user interface is the debug URL; it should look something like this:!AR0AQHwx5dfm97QZGlgBVIOcuLpk_jwizj3SmkKU45YhkuWq3yXFYWaKOR8hclBF9_3Mtp__suUkZZt5SDouNqJy78Pv7UmO&serverUrl=[Leads]00Oi0000005fw1F,[ComplAct]00Oi00000063IQS,[ClsdWonOpptys]00Oi0000005fw1o&TemplateId=