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Document not merging to SpringCM


If you click Merge & SpringCM and Composer looks like it ran successfully, but no document gets delivered to SpringCM, there is likely an error occurring in the background where Composer is not able to create a new folder in SpringCM for the merged document.

What to Do

Configure SpringCM for the Master Object (the object your Composer button or link is on). To do so, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the SpringCM Setup tab in Salesforce.
  2. Check to see if the Master Object is on the Map Salesforce Objects to SpringCM Folders list.
  3. If not, click Map New Object, type in the name of the object, click Insert Field. This wizard allows you to specify the naming convention for the folder Composer will save documents into when merging to SpringCM. When done, click Next, and drag into the hierarchy of folders seen in the Your SpringCM Folder Directory section.
  4. Click Add to Page on the right side of the newly created entry in the Map Salesforce Objects to SpringCM Folders section.
  5. Navigate to the Page Layout for your Master Object.
  6. Go to the Visualforce Pages section of the page layout editor.  Add SpringCM EOS... Visualforce page to the layout.
  7. Click Save.

These steps will allow you to run Composer on a standard or custom object and merge to SpringCM.